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Hello, you've reached the phone of Johnny Rayflo, please leave a message and I'll return your call.


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Tell me how my Rayflo-ing is! As always, comments are screened and anon is on!
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▼ Johnny Rayflo [ AU1 ]
Birthday: March, 6th
Astrology Sign: Pisces
Soul Arcana: The Star
Unlucky Arcana: Wheel of Fortune , The Fool, Death & The Empress
String Color: [#E6A3E9]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Social butterfly of a gay vampire/ex-priest/ex-knight captain. He's got a lot of self worth and religion issues under his happy exterior, but he tries to do the best he can with what he has. He prefers making others happy over himself, though many, strangers and friends, are subjected to his flirtations and teasing.

▼ Visual
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▼ Profile
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Rank: Max
Yosuke Otoha
Otoha is Johnny's partner in every sense of the word.
They met while they were both in the underwater city of Vatheon when Johnny returned from home bloodied and close to death. Otoha saved Johnny's life by feeding him and the human never lost his vamperic shadow.

They grew closer as Johnny wormed his way past Otoha's defenses and stoicism with his bright attitude and affection. Johnny wasn't always happiness and rainbows around him, though,Otoha was one of the few Johnny let see the broken core beneath the shiny exterior. More than once Johnny prompted that Otoha should kill him since he was a 'dangerous monster' and that was what Otoha fought against, but his last attempt at such prodding earned him a punch in the face from the other man.

His last bit of suicidal tendency was snapped out of him when Johnny allowed himself to be seriously and pointlessly injured causing Otoha to storm off out of frustration. When later confronted, Otoha told Johnny he was the one of the only people Otoha cared about and he didn't like Johnny throwing his life away like continuously tried to do. This caused the vampire to realize the depth of their attachment to each other and made Otoha promise that if he let Johnny care for him, he could care for Johnny.

Otoha vanished while Johnny was suffering from a bad breakup with his then-boyfriend and thought the man gone from his life forever until Johnny himself was teleported to Hinoto-ri as well. The two haven't left each other's sides since and, in fact, have only grown closer during their shared perils and happiness. After an event wherein Johnny (along with a large group of others) were all kidnapped to participate in an undeground fighting ring, Otoha finally admitted to his feelings for Johnny which the vampire was more than willing to admit to sharing.

Rank: 9
Desco is Johnny's adopted niece. He met her through Otoha first, but quickly grew to adore her himself as she struck all of his parental chords.

Desco is not a normal child by any stretch of the imagination, but her eccentricities are one of the many things he loves about her. He might prefer she was a little less violent, but as long as he can keep her from human-killing sprees, he doesn't really question her choice of pastimes.

Johnny would do just about anything for Desco, from baking her whatever she asked for--no matter how elaborate-- to dying for her if the occasion called for it. Fortunately in the case of the latter, Desco is far stronger than even the True Blood is, so finding her in a situation where her life might be in actual danger is unlikely.
Simply put: Desco is the tentacle monster light of his life and he would like nothing more than to treat her like a princess for as long as he can.

Rank: 5
DeDeDe is, simply put, Johnny's boss.

After Otoha forbade Johnny from continuing his elicit 'Red Light District' job, Johnny looked elsewhere for employment--though not too far elsewhere. As it happened, DeDeDe intended to open a nightclub in the Taurus district and needed workers to run the place. With Johnny's previous bar experience along with his musical skill, the vampire was hired on immediately.

While it might run along a fairly newer line of experience for him, Johnny enjoys his work very much and is rather fond of DeDeDe, even if the penguin in question holds himself very aloof from most of his employees.

Rank: 3
Maugris (Landen Heath)
Johnny met Maugris when the other vampire made a broadcast somewhat subtly asking if there were any other vampires around. Johnny responded with the intention of scoping out Maugris' threat level. He was pleased to discover they were of a like-mind when it came to feeding on and killing humans.

Johnny offered to feed him, if only temporarily, until Maugris found a suitable substitute.

While differing in personality--Maugris being more quiet and subdued than Johnny--they share certain similair tastes and ideals that have endeared the other vampire to Johnny. They might not be attached at the hip, but Johnny wouldn't be against a few more social visits in the future.

Rank: Rev
Ben Linus
Johnny and Ben's first and last meeting was a tumultuous one. They met in a cafe and began talking amicably. The friendliness quickly turned to open hostility, however, when they realized they had a connection through knowing Jacob--Johnny through his time in Vatheon and Ben from back home.

This conversation about Jacob is what led to Ben admitting to having murdered Jacob which sent Johnny into a grief-stricken rage. Johnny had only ever seen the good and fatherly side of the man in question whereas Ben had suffered through a life of trying to impress and appease the man who had never once directly spoken to him. They knew different sides to the same coin and so couldn't understand each other. The situation might have ended in bloodshed had Otoha not stopped Johnny from attacking Ben.
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Support Skills
  ►  Nervundi (Recover from Sick, Sleep and Exhaustion. One ally.)
  ►  Recarm (Wakes up an ally with 50% HP.)
  ►  Black Blockade (Increases all allies' Dark resistance (resist dark effect).)
  ►  Matarukaja (Increases all allies' Attack by 25%.(1 turn))
  ►  Diarama (Recovers a medium amount of HP to one ally.)
  ►  Masatukaja (Increase all allies' Attack, Defence and Agility by 30%, but caster now has Exhaustion and Sick statuses.( 2turns))
  ▷  Purify Water (Allows the user to make any water drinkable)
  ▷  Retundi (Remove all status effects on one target at the cost of the caster being affected by them)
  ★  Willing Sacrifice (Cuts user’s strength and defense by half which transfers to one ally)
Combat Skills
  ►  Eiha (Inflicts a small amount of Dark damage on one enemy.)
  ►  Swift Strike (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to twice with a 10% chance of Confusion on all enemies
  ▷  Mamudo (20% chance of instant KO from the power of Dark on all enemies.)

Destiny Strings Persona stat chart created by [personal profile] illuminatesound to match the DS CR chart by [community profile] randoms_graphics.
Adapted from fan-made Persona 4-based skill list chart by [personal profile] twilitfall

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❧ 08/22/11 Arrival | Izaya, Hilbert, Ron,Flora, Natsuo, Yuri, Lily, Train
❧ 08/23/11 Bringing home strays | Tokito
❧ 08/28/11 Why two trolls shouldn't interact | Izaya
❧ 08/28/11 Oh princess, my princess~ | Sara
❧ 09/05/11 Blind dates | Demyx
❧ 09/06/11 Choices | Jacob
❧ 09/06/11 The 'princess' sleeps in the forest | Lily, Tokito
❧ 09/11/11 A call to feed | Sara
❧ 09/11/11 Politeness=/=flirtation Sara
❧ 09/18/11 Without you, where would I be? | Tokito
❧ 09/19/11 A meeting of cats | Natsuo, Tokito
❧ 09/25/11 A princess calls your name | Sara
❧ 10/02/11 What protects you? | Jacob
❧ 10/03/11 Kraken attack! | A fateful meeting | Crowley
❧ 10/08/11 What is a sleep-coma? | Selphie, Jacob, Riku, Motochika
❧ 10/23/11 Where did this island come from? | New heights | Ianto
❧ 10/23/11 Where did this island come from? | Like home | Jacob
❧ 10/25/11 And then you were gone | Natsuo
❧ 10/31/11 Halloween party! | Polite conversation | Shingo
❧ 10/31/11 Halloween party! | Dad, don't get drunk | Jacob
❧ 10/31/11 Halloween party! | Shall we dance? | Izaya
❧ 10/31/11 Halloween party! | How many shots does it take to get into Crowley's pants? | Crowley
❧ 11/03/11 The trouble with islands | Not strong enough to save you | Izaya
❧ 11/03/11 The trouble with islands | Your words will always hurt me | Jacob
❧ 11/07/11 By the taste of your blood | Jacob, Natsuo
❧ 11/17/11 A stroll by moonlight | Siegfried, Crowley, Ankh, Hatter, Selphie
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❧ 11/29/11 Say hello to the sun | Rayfell
❧ 12/07/11 Christmas Spirit | Natsuo, Charlotte, Izaya, Katsu, Riku, Jacob, Tavros, Nadoka, Selphie
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❧ 12/11/30 A brand new year | Not a time for serious conversation | Jacob
❧ 12/11/30 A brand new year | Lamentation of home | Rayfell
❧ 12/31/11 All of the UST | Charley
❧ 01/02/12 Farewell, fair cat | Sebastian
❧ 01/03/12 Marauder mansion invasion | Shin, James, Touma
❧ 01/05/12 What is real? | Sola
❧ 01/09/12 Arrangements | Sola
❧ 01/10/12 Jam session | Sola
❧ 01/20/12 Valentine's Day | Demyx, Zelda, Mitsuhide, Crowley, Gamzee, Sola, Maddie, Selphie, Axel, Izaya, John, N, Rachet, Duzell, Kuwabara, Charley, Katsu
❧ 01/22/12 A New name | Sola
❧ 01/28/12 Swordplaypractice | Serph, Katsu, Handmaid, Jacob, Feferi
❧ 02/01/12 When in the wrong hands | Crowley
❧ 02/05/12 Lost in the forest | Conan
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❧ 03/21/12 An intimate meal | Charley
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❧ 04/17/12 Meeting an angel | Aziraphale
❧ 04/21/12 Opening TC | Crowley, Fai, Demyx, Rinoa, Gale, Fluttershy, Kairi, Link
❧ 04/25/12 Serph's dream | Serph
❧ 04/25/12 All I have is what you didn't take | Serph, Jacob, Maddie, Katsu, Fai, Otoha, Ky, Sola, Crowley, Aziraphale
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❧ 06/03/12 But...I can't be an angel | Lea, Aziraphale, Tatsumi, Hilbert, Tsuzuki, Ruca, Fai, Ky, Moses
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❧ 06/11/12 Let me save you | Fai
❧ 06/12/12 And then you were gone | Otoha, Guy, Sola, Fai, Demyx, Serph, Maddie, Hayner, Zexion, Tatsumi, Ky
❧ 06/19/12 Baking is fun! | Crowley, Fai, Otoha, Ryu, Rinoa, Ky, Moses, Ruca, Maddie, Aziraphale, Tsuzuki, Gale, Kanaya
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❧ 06/23/12 A talk about Belials | Katsu
❧ 06/26/12 Let's talk about mentors | Ky
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❧ 06/29/12 Matespritship? | Sola
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❧ 07/02/12 Helping with the fisholympics | Zelda
❧ 07/02/12 Vatheon Academy | Otoha, Hubert, Shirley, Grit, Ruca, Colette, Mat, Zelda, Link, Tatsumi, Yukari, Rue, Tsuzuki, Raine, Maka, Sora, Aziraphale, Billy, Izanami, Sera, Caden, Crocker
❧ 07/03/12 Otoha and a chocobo | Otoha
❧ 07/05/12 Sickness | Tsuzuki
❧ 08/15/12 Johnny is the best date | Ky
❧ 08/15/12 Morality talking | Serph
❧ 07/11/12 Sometimes there are train wrecks | Zelda, Sola
❧ 07/11/12 Punching means I care | Otoha, Sola, Zelda
❧ 07/11/12 Let there be healing | Katsu
❧ 07/11/12 And a promise was made | Otoha
❧ 07/12/12 Stalking is bad | Sola, Ghirahim
❧ 07/13/12 Everyone gets a second chance | Ganondorf
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❧ 07/25/12 How does I relationship? | Tsuzuki
❧ 07/27/12 Swimming in the rain? | Serph
❧ 07/29/12 Stop playing games | Otoha
❧ 07/31/12 Sleeping beauty | Crowley, Otoha, Katsu, Sola, Fai, Maddie, Ky, Aziraphale
❧ 08/09/12 Daddy Dearest | Jacob
❧ 08/10/12 I would die for you | Otoha, Yami
❧ 08/14/12 Raise me up through the ashes | Fai, Otoha, Sola, Cadence
❧ 08/15/12 Hello, again, princess~ | Feferi
❧ 08/16/12 Into the secret lab | Sola
❧ 08/17/12 The sleeping beauty awakens | Mat, Rand
❧ 08/17/12 Time for a ball | Rin, Sola, Rinoa, Bianca, Roxas, Kimblee, Vriska, Darkleer, Cielo, Angelo, Dualscar, Matrim, Ky, Alister, Namine, Madison, Ciel, Train, Ghirahim, Feferi, Madam Red, Aziraphale, Usagi, Bitty!Fai
❧ 08/20/12 Nearly lost to shadows | Sola, Zelda
❧ 08/28/12 Lazy days | Sola, Rinoa, Katsu
❧ 09/08/12 Masqurade! | Everyone and their mother
❧ 09/10/12 Colors in the rainbow | Ghirahim, Ryu, Cielo, Mitsuhuede, Darkleer, Pascal, Rin, Moses, Kimblee, Ky, Madame Red, Tsuzuki, Amane, Nakamori, Hayner, Ruca, Otoha
❧ 09/11/12 Serph is back! | Serph, Sola
❧ 09/12/12 This is the way the world ends... | Darkleer, Ghirahim, Rinoa, Otoha, Sola, Bianca, Alister, Rinoa, Ky, Axel, Rin, Tsuzuki, Vriska, Kaito Kid, Tatsumi, Feferi, Serph, Aizen
❧ 09/13/12 Two souls waiting | Rinoa
❧ 9/17/12 Jacob's return
❧ 9/17/12 Ronny post | Rinoa
❧ 9/22/12 Johnnoa post | Sol, Ky, Squal, Argilla
❧ 9/30/12 Feeling safe with danger around the corner | Rinoa
❧ 10/02/12 Sometimes arguments happen | Ky
❧ 10/03/12 Trolling Crowley | Cielo, Darkleer, Rinoa, Crowley
❧ 10/08/12 Checking in on a friend | Rinoa
❧ 10/11/12 Time for some drinks | Crowley
❧ 10/15/12 Bat!Johnny |

CR Chart

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Dec. 7th, 2011 10:35 pm
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[Johnny is lounging on his couch with a distent and wistful smile on his face. As per usual, he is only half-dresed, but Minea is curled up in front of his stomach, purring away.]

All of this festive spirit and decorating...it makes me wonder what this time of year means for everyone. For some, as I understand it, it is a time to celebrate Christ and God and all of the religious feelings attached to that.

For others it is a time to 'do what's right' and give to others who might be less fortunate than them. And for others, still, it is a time to spend with family.

I know, for me, I always looked at it as a time to spend with that person you love most; it's a very romantic time of the year....

Of course, family is important too, but if you don't have any family or would rather not associate with them, wouldn't it be just as wonderful to curl up with someone special and let them know how important they are? Just a thought.

Anyway~ Tell me, Vatheon, what does Christmas mean to you~?
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[When the SFC clicks on the angle is funny and definitely broadcasting from the floor. However, the view only shows a hand at close range and there don't seem to be any sounds coming from the apartment.

After a moment, the sound of paws running across the floor can be head and as Minea passes by, she kicks the SFC causing it to turn so that the owner of the hand can be seen. The cat nudges Johnny's unconscious face with her own and mews in an attempt to wake him up, but it doesn't seem to do any good.

There doesn't appear to be anything wrong, but the vampire certainly isn't waking up either.]
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For anyone who'd like to know, Toki....Tokito's gone home.

At least he's not stuck here, though...heh. I don't think he ever really liked it here.

Anyway! Just thought I'd let anyone who knew him know not to come around here looking for him.


Oct. 8th, 2011 06:10 pm
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[Johnny appears in the screen, just as near-shirtless as ever, but he looks a little down and his tone lacks that lilt and tease it usually carries. He's sitting on a bed, and the figure under the covers behind him shows it's not his own. Before he gets a chance to speak, Minea shows up and jumps into his lap, pawing at him with worry.]

There's....something wrong with Toki. I haven't been able to get him to wake up....but he seems normal.

I....don't really know if this is just something he does... [Not like they had talked about Toki's past at all. Didn't have to.]

Someone who knows humans better...is this normal? I didn't think it was, but...

[Any one who's good at reading subtle signs in a facial expression will know that he's a lot more worried than he's making out to be.]
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[That SFC has turned itself on and it's revealing one long, lanky, dark haired man with his shirt loosely hanging on his shoulders and completely open, as always, lounging by the lake. Around his head is a delicate, silver, circlet decorated with sapphires and silver leaves.

Johnny is asleep in the grass, peaceful and serene looking, he might almost be reminiscent of a princess hidden away in a secret garden, the water-filtered sunlight shining on his face and chest.

What do with the pretty 'princess', Vatheon?]
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[ Player Name ] : Lysoke
[ Personal LJ ] : [livejournal.com profile] lysoke
[ Age ] : 18
[ Timezone ] : CST
[ Other Characters ] : Locke Cole, Sirius Black, Jack Harkness, Glenn

[ Character's Name ] : Johnny Rayflo
[ Character's Age ] : Unknown, a couple hundred years old.
[ Series ] : Name Vassalord
[ Canon Point ] : While Johnny is waiting for Charley at the Opera (Chapter 16 of Volume 4)

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